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Simulated Purple Diamond Halo Necklace

Simulated Purple Diamond Halo Necklace

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Stunning and yet intriguing, the necklace forms a startling sight no onlookers can ignore. The necklace's design enables the center gem to show a pool of color with exceptional vibrancy paired with the flickering simulated diamonds set around it. The stylish simulated gem and diamond halo necklace will give you the chance to look elegant without the need to wear another piece of jewelry.


  • ROYALTY AND LUXURY: Featuring a statement necklace that radiates with royalty and luxury
  • A PLEASANT SIGHT: The impeccable shine and hue of the center set gemstone with flickering facets completes the design
  • PRINCESS NECKLACE: This necklace is 18 inches in length, that hits below the collar bone and is known as a princess necklace
  • GREAT STURDINESS: Prongs lock all the embellishments with great sturdiness
  • A STRIKING APPEARANCE: Halo of simulated diamonds will instantly render your neckline a striking appearance
  • LUXE SHEEN: Luxe sheen of silver used for crafting the necklace provides it an expectational look and an authentic shine
  • ABOUT HALO NECKLACE: The halo setting is a pendant of small accent stones, typically pave diamonds, that encircle a larger center stone
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