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Peacock Brooch or Pendant Necklace 28-30 Inches

Peacock Brooch or Pendant Necklace 28-30 Inches

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Check out this enthralling peacock brooch or pendant necklace that pays homage to the natural beauty of the peacock bird. Forged in gold tone, this fine specimen of artistic glory deserves to be in your collection. Make sure that you don't miss out on this one. 

  • PEACOCK'S CHARM: The finely forged pendant necklace lets a majestic peacock shine with its natural grace
  • SIGNIFICANCE: Peacocks signify integrity and beauty 
  • AUSTRIAN CRYSTALS: Austrian crystals are coveted globally for their pocket-friendly glamour 
  • GOLDTONE: The pendant necklace is forged in goldtone, known for its natural elegance and durability 
  • WARDROBE FRIENDLY: Let this pendant be the enchanting companion to all of those beautiful apparels in your wardrobe
  • THE VIBE: Adorn this pendant and carry an eccentric vibe effortlessly
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