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Abalone Shell Dragonflies Earrings

Abalone Shell Dragonflies Earrings

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Inspired by a dragonfly design, these Abalone shell earrings have a gorgeous appeal. The dragonfly motif embraces the beauty of the gemstone. This piece of jewelry is lively and is apt for dressing in casual outfits. These dangle earrings have a beauty that is ageless and is thus preferred by women of every age.


  • INSPIRATION: These dangle earrings are inspired by a dragonfly
  • SYMBOLISM: As a dragonfly symbolizes transformation for good, these earrings resemble the same
  • BEZEL SETTING: The abalone shell is set in a bezel, safeguarding them from falling
  • METAL INSIGHTS: These earrings are crafted in pure and durable stainless steel
  • GEM FACT: The Abalone shell is an organic gemstone, and this feature makes this jewelry a special one
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